Monday, 7 December 2009

Part 2

I have some pictures to upload too [click to enlarge]. But I just chose the nice one, coz got someone used my camera to curi2 snap some ugly move =p Those who attended are:

From Left: Soo Teng. Hueiy Li. Jia Yee. Wei Yoke. Yoke Ping

From left: Kah Woon. Wei Kit. Wei Feng. Chee Kin

From left: Su Jiuan. Kam Pei. Su Fung. Oi Yin

From left: Chee Kaan. Lit Fai. Woei Lun. Weng Qin

From left: Sook Yee. Pui Er. Pui Mun. Su Jiuan again =p

And to those who left earlier than us,
Actually v were standing there and talked for hours since then.
Even the waiters were looking at us and wondering why v dun want to leave.
No chairs, no tables, no tea.

Appreciate the gathering so much and really thanks to Yoke Ping, who managed to bring all of us together again.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gathering on 5th Dec

It is very successful and thx for all my frenz who attend the gathering yesterday.. It is great, happy to meet all of u!! V r too excited n chat til 12.30am.. hahaha.......

Let's plan a trip for our classmates.. everybody give some suggestion where to go?? how much budget that can everyone affordable..


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gathering Next week -- Steamboat at Tasty Pot BBQ

Hi frenz, since v long time nvr meet each other. Su jiuan decided to have a small gathering next week.. Majority has choose Saturday.. Mostly 'll have it on Saturday....

Date: 5th Dec 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30 pm to 7pm gather at Maybank Subang Perdana
Venue: Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Restaurant
8/18,Dataran Mentari,Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Friends 'll join: me, su jiuan, su fung, wei yoke, pui mun, kam pei, soo teng, weoi lun, chee kaan, jia yee, wei feng, lit fai, oi yin, wei kit, kah woon, pui er...

Other stil haven confirm to me yet..

Please leave ur msg here or sms to me or su jiuan if u r interested..


Saturday, 10 October 2009

know ur friends!

Who owns a blog? I want! Can u leave ur blog url here?

This is the recent thing I do - read ppl's blogs =)


Monday, 8 June 2009

Persatuan Belia---

hi hi

MCA Subang would like to organise Persatuan Belia which is under
'Kementerian Belia dan Sukan; Ministry of Youth and Sports 青年体育部 '

For your information,

1. This will be the first batch committees/members consription.( looking for committees now)
2. Age range : 18-25 years old

3. The organisation's activities will be mainly base in Subang area.

4. For those who are not Subang residents are welcome to join as well.

Please do not hesitated to ask if you have any enquiries. who interested in please call/sms SiLiang 016-3543547 / 0178804689

u can gt some info from ttp://

Thank you

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Gathering Again

Hi friends,

V plan to have another gathering on this coming sunday (31st May 2009) at Rock Cafe Kota Damansara. Go visit wei feng's stall.

Time: 7pm depart from subang
Venue: Rock Cafe ( Kota Damansara)
Date: 31st May 2009

Anyone who interested plz leave ur msg here.



Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Date: 9 May 09
Venue: Coconut House (PJ)
TIme: 6.30pm gather at Subang Perdana Maybank

People who confirm goin: Su jiuan, Wei Yoke, Choy Wan, Hong Ling, soo teng, jia yee, Me.. Weng Qin ('ll contact us after work)
People Who Cant Join us: Sook Man (mother's day celebration), Chee Leong, Wei Feng (start business on 8 May at Rock Cafe Sunway Damansara), su fung (cooking competiton), pui er, pui mun(exam), hor yan(exam), wei horng(rev class), chee kaan(mother's day celebration)..... other still haven confirm wif me yet..

Wei Feng start his own business at Rock Cafe Sunway Damansara on 8 May 09. Dun forget to there support him lo.. Muz let him know if u guys goin ther to yam cha, he 'll prepare more delicious food for u all.