Monday, 7 December 2009

Part 2

I have some pictures to upload too [click to enlarge]. But I just chose the nice one, coz got someone used my camera to curi2 snap some ugly move =p Those who attended are:

From Left: Soo Teng. Hueiy Li. Jia Yee. Wei Yoke. Yoke Ping

From left: Kah Woon. Wei Kit. Wei Feng. Chee Kin

From left: Su Jiuan. Kam Pei. Su Fung. Oi Yin

From left: Chee Kaan. Lit Fai. Woei Lun. Weng Qin

From left: Sook Yee. Pui Er. Pui Mun. Su Jiuan again =p

And to those who left earlier than us,
Actually v were standing there and talked for hours since then.
Even the waiters were looking at us and wondering why v dun want to leave.
No chairs, no tables, no tea.

Appreciate the gathering so much and really thanks to Yoke Ping, who managed to bring all of us together again.



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